Study Correlates Data On Facebook Users’ Interests With Obesity Rates

The higher the percentage of people in a city, town or neighborhood with Facebook interests suggesting a healthy, active lifestyle, the lower that area’s obesity rate. At the same time, areas with a large percentage of Facebook users with television-related interests tend to have higher rates of obesity. Such are the conclusions of a study …

Newest Weight Loss Tools

There are several promising new agents already available and some coming soon. Among which are the GLP1 agents and combined effect GIP/GLP1 medication which though currently FDA approved for Diabetes is also under consideration for weight loss. This means many newer options in our arsenal. Be sure to contact the office (602) 841-7676 for more …

Times are tough,Lots of Stress

Since the pandemic people are at home, locked down stressed, eating, snacking, struggling with appetite. Plan strategies, control your appetite with stress management. We will be open soon but in the meantime, we can consult with you by FaceTime, Google Duo, or phone, discuss your program and add or refill your Rx for phentermine.

Staying Home can be Stressful Let us Help

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