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What does Mr. Blu know that we should?

Yup he has it all.Fiber sans gluten, high protein,no fat and very little carbo and …..wait for it,wait for it…..an exercise ball. Mr. Blu has it all together and there is a lesson in there for us all!

To Keto or Not Keto…?

To Keto or Not Keto…? read our facts 1. The Ketogenic diet was originally developed by doctors to treat seizures in children The Keto diet was originally developed in the 20’s by physicians as a treatment for childhood epilepsy. The ketogenic diet mimics the  same effects fasting has on the body. 2. The Keto diet …

Yogurt,Yogert, Yo…..Whaaaaa? Sugar You Say?

Yogurt!!! Ya never know, Right? Well lets explore some possible options for what is possibly a good choice for a tasty small meal or snack substitution.It will take a little math to be totally informed but the short cut to knowing what is too much sugar in the brands product is …..now wait for it….ready? …

Looking for Plant Based Protein in your Diet?

Let us take you to this very informative article that has a list of suggestions relative to meat alternatives as a source of protein. A plant based protein plan avoids the meat Heme Iron that carries with it a nearly 27% increase in coronary artery disease as well as fat deposition that increases body weight.Among …

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The consequences of obesity. A short list.

Obesity is a chronic disease caused by interrelated factors such as lifestyle, genetics and body metabolism. A person who has a weight that is 20 percent greater than the appropriate range for the relevant height is obese. Obesity has negative consequences on the health of an individual, such that it is better to keep weight …

3 easy weight loss diet tricks anyone can follow..from Phoenix weight Loss!

Today, ways to get fit and to look good has always been on top of the list for everyone, both male and female. People now constantly search for ways to get in shape and look more attractive. The National Institute of Health, in the United States, revealed that 35% of grown-ups are obese and 17% of …