Telemedicine Now

Afraid of the COVID? Don’t want to take a chance on a crowded waiting room? Need to stay tethered to your home, job and phone? Live too far from the office or have too many family commitments to be able to drive into town? WE ARE AVAILABLE via TELEMED either via phone or video conferencing. …

We Now Offer Telemedicine Appointments


Times are tough,Lots of Stress

Since the pandemic people are at home, locked down stressed, eating, snacking, struggling with appetite. Plan strategies, control your appetite with stress management. We will be open soon but in the meantime, we can consult with you by FaceTime, Google Duo, or phone, discuss your program and add or refill your Rx for phentermine.

Telemedicine Appetite Control

We realize the need to maintain your program is difficult when offices are closed due to the pandemic COVID19, therefore, we have instituted a telemedicine ( phone,facetime,skype) program for you to maintain your weight loss program and continue your medicine. Just call the office for instructions(602) 841-7676. We are also currently accepting NEW patients via …

Staying Home can be Stressful Let us Help

Telemedicine appointments for Phentermine

Coronavirus Office Update

Because of the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic we will be offering Telemedicine visits conducted by phone, Face Tap, or Skype and prescriptions for your medicines will be called to your pharmacy.You may schedule a conference as suits your schedule or simply call the office and we will work you into our schedule.We will be scheduling …

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No Limit for Weight loss

Sky’s the limit!


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What does Mr. Blu know that we should?

Yup he has it all.Fiber sans gluten, high protein,no fat and very little carbo and …..wait for it,wait for it…..an exercise ball. Mr. Blu has it all together and there is a lesson in there for us all!