We help you lose weight for the last time and maintain!


We are the best solution for medical weight loss. We discuss your lifestyle and dietary habits and tailor a plan to suit your needs and tastes.

We will guide you in dispelling myths of weight control including fad substances and diets.

We feel there is no need for you to buy food plans, supplements or prepared meals to accomplish your weight loss goals. We develop a diet that you will like and you will be surprised by how much you can actually eat, including sweets.

“We offer post surgical medical management of appetite and diet  following these common surgical procedures

The bilingual staff of the Weight Solutions Clinic offers important weight loss treatment in the Phoenix community. Control of appetite, as well as newer agents  modify metabolism,obesity, heart and kidney failure and cardiovascular disease

A new clinic has taken the lead in the battle against the growing problem of obesity in the Phoenix area. Led by a doctor with more than 30 years of experience in methods to lose weight, the Weight Solutions Clinic offers solutions for several diseases of metabolic origin and attracts patients of all kinds.

“Being overweight is sometimes inherited. “Combining exercise, good nutrition, clinical therapy and counseling, we have successfully attacked this disease and created a healthier population.”
One of the groups most at risk, according to Dr. Benchwick, is the Hispanic community in Phoenix.
“Changes in their diet, climate and culture are a big problem for this population,” adds Dr. Benchwick. “We try to deal with this problem by creating customized treatments to meet individual needs. And, of course, we speak Spanish. ”
By focusing on behavioral changes, the Weight Solutions Clinic allows its patients to control their own weight loss program. And the clinic also has programs specially created for adolescents and children that offer an easy solution to face the current crisis of juvenile obesity.
“Our program combines methods to control appetite, nutritional support, diet, exercise and behavioral changes to ensure our patients get fast results. But, unlike other programs that ensure immediate results, we focus on curing the problem instead of the symptoms, which means that our patients do not gain weight again, “says Dr. Benchwick.
“And because the Phoenix community is very important to us, the clinic offers affordable payment methods for everyone. In addition, we have shifts available for patients without an appointment or making an appointment the same day of the visit.