Your weight after your pregnancy

Why do some women have trouble losing weight after delivery? It may be in your “bugs”!!!!.

No not creepy crawlers …..eeeeuw!!! Right? Well certainly not those bugs, but the “bugs” (sloppy medical slang) found in your intestinal tract…. the small bowel particularly.  In a pregnant state, for a variety of reasons, the normal bacteria( we call those normal flora) in the intestines which aid digestion and absorption of nutrients, change, since the mom has a baby on board and has to supply nutrition for two. That change in the bacterial population enhances absorption of nutrition to supply the calories needed by the baby for growth and development as well as the needs of the mother. When pregnancy ends there may be a sluggish return to the normal state (normal flora) and excess absorption of foods may continue making it more difficult to lose weight.

What to do? It has been postulated re establishing “normal flora” soon after delivery can speed up this weight loss process, so we recommend the addition of Probiotics to the diet which will enhance this process and thus help post partum weight loss. Probiotics are concentrations of bacteria that are similar to what was there in the first place. I advise patients to see us, as soon after delivery as possible, to make these changes and also discuss dietary changes that will help bring weight back to normal levels.