Happy New Year Resolutions!!

Out with the old in with the new!!!! Here we are again trying to get those unwanted pounds off so what to do?

Simple things help: At the very least while you are living and eating a small trick will help. What is it?

The 50% rule!!! If nothing else try eating half of what you might otherwise. Eat slower( chew and savor the flavors) smaller portions, while still enjoying your favorite foods. Calories still count but this small step can help.

More sleep is also a key: All my patients know how much I emphasize good quality and adequate sleep time( 7-8 hours) And if you are e teeneger MORE. Sorry Moms but it is true your teen needs easily 10 hours a day and in some cases more. They’re not being lazy……just respondine to natural needs.

You may need a bit of help controling those cravings and we can help with appettie suppression with medications the most common one being phentermine.